Chris Ruppe grew up in a small town and was raised by deaf parents along with 5 brothers and 1 sister. He was the class clown in school and made terrible grades. This was made evident when he failed the 10th grade. Somehow, he went on to graduate from college and get a masters degree.

He has been a pastor, consultant, businessman, and has worked with several 501c3 organizations.

Humor has always been a key focus in all of his speaking engagements. It was only natural that Chris has found his way in comedy. He is both a public speaker and clean comedian. He makes people laugh by looking back on his past experiences of his childhood, pastoring a church, parenting, and the experience of adopting a child.

Chris is married to Holly and has 3 boys that were all surprises...which means not by choice. They also have one daughter who was uniquely chosen and adopted.

Chris and Holly have a heart for adoption. Chris does comedy and speaking engagements with several adoption related charities to raise awareness and funds to support this great cause.



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